Create a Practice that is Revolutionary

Our program is designed to give you the tools to transform the health of your patients and clients.

Program Highlights

  • Only FM training program that teaches a unified system (bioenergetic model)
  • Highly scientific, high-quality content (over 2,000 references to the medical literature)
  • Convenient: Learn the system at your own pace
  • Cost-effective: Learn Functional Medicine at a significantly lower cost than other leading options currently available
  • Efficient: Get trained and integrate into your practice quickly
  • No commitment: Starting can be easy as ordering Vol 1 on Amazon!

Step 1: Read the Manual

The first step is to read the training manuals. We offer either a physical version for a one-time price or access to the online manual for a membership price.


Benefits of the online manual include:

  • Have access to all 3 volumes (Foundational Principles, Laboratory Analysis, and Treatment Protocols)
  • Receive updates to the manual in real-time
  • Have access to the scientific justification for your practice
  • Online manuals allow you to search for keywords within each volume
  • Online manuals allow you to link directly to the scientific literature
  • Support the PatriotDIrect mission: to grow the movement of patient-centered, holistic, nutrition-based healthcare

Step 2: Get Verified

Additional training material, lessons, videos and quizzes to reinforce the manual and master the material. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of verification.


Benefits of verification:

  • Social proof - post on your website and social media your verification badge that proves to the community that you are competent in the system
  • Additional lessons to reinforce learning the material
  • Additional resources (i.e. visual aids, handouts, etc) to help you practice efficiently

Step 3: Become Proficient

Our mentorship program allows you to have one-on-one time with a PDFMTP preceptor, which allows you to ask specific questions, get advice, and precept difficult cases that need troubleshooting.


Step 4: Attract Clients to Your Practice

Become a PatriotDirect affiliate provider and drive traffic to your website from patients and clients looking for a provider who practices in this model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)